Patent Pending (US patent # 12/945,533) Technology
NOT Available ANYWHERE Else

Totally Automate Your Course's Tee Times

  • Both Touch-tone Phone AND Internet Reservations Access At The Same Time
  • Golfer's self-schedule tee times on ALL Smart Phones (iPhone, Android, Blackberry, etc) 
  • Designed to Take 100% of All Reservations - Staff Does Not Answer Phones
  • Administrative and Tee Sheet Configuration Functions Accessible from Anywhere (Home, Office, etc)
  • FREE Local (seven digit) Touch-Tone Number For Golfers To Call - No Phone Lines to Buy and Pay Monthly
  • No Dedicated PC (with Special Software) Required To Be In The Pro Shop - No "Syncing Up"
  • Patent Pending (US Patent #12/945,533) Technology Not Available Anywhere Else
  • 30 Day Free Trial Initial Service To Try Our System With No Financial Risk
  • No Contracts
  • 5 Cents Per Person, Per Reservation For Everything
  • Very Easy To Use And Setup

No Contracts

  • 30 Day FREE Initial Service to Try our System with NO Financial Risk
  • No Intial Cash Outlay
  • No Installation Charges
  • No Maintenance Charges
  • No Training Charges

No Hardware to Purchase

  • Installation is on ComuTEE's managed Servers
  • No Software to installed on the Pro Shop Comuputers
  • No Additional Telephone Lines to Use/Buy

No Hidden Fees

  • 5 cents Per Person, Per Reservation Billed Monthly

All Features Included

  • Very Easy to Use and Setup
  • 18, 27, 36 Holes
  • Multiple Courses
  • Does Just About Everything (as Simple or Complex as YOU Require)

Proven, Rock Solid, Reliable Technology

  • In Use at High-End Municipal courses
  • In Use at Daily-Fee Courses
  • In Use at Military Golf Courses
  • In Use World Wide
  • Unrivaled Integrated Point-of-Sale Available
  • Patent Pending (US patent # 12/945,533) Technology NOT Available ANYWHERE Else